Nov 2020

Sorry to say this project is on hold.  I would really love to do this but funds have not been forthcoming and Covid has put everything in a position where it doesn't look like it will be done in the near future.  I haven't given up on it though so, hopefully, someday funds will become available to do this.



Worldwide there are five significant displays of old vacuum cleaners that I know of.  Of these three are parts of vacuum cleaner shops (Stark's museum in Portland, Oregon, USA and Mr Vacuum Cleaner in Nottingham, England), One is part of a company - The Hoover Historical Museum in North Canton, Ohio, USA and the fifth is the Swedish National Museum display.  Of these the last one is the only one in a self sustaining museum.

I hope to eventually create a display building at the Sukanen Museum here in Moose Jaw, Sk to join this list as creating this display at the museum would not only be unique to Canadian Museums, it would also be only the second display world wide that is in an actual museum and not based on a business.  Making it more permanent.


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